Tuesday, September 26, 2006
Quick Morning Roundup
highlights a bad move by Democrats -

Perhaps. But Democrats, while celebrating Batiste's criticism of the administration, exercised some selective listening at the hearing when Batiste and his colleagues offered their solution: more troops, more money and more time in Iraq.

"We must mobilize our country for a protracted challenge," Batiste warned.

"We better be planning for at least a minimum of a decade or longer," contributed retired Marine Col. Thomas Hammes.

"We are, conservatively, 60,000 soldiers short," added retired Army Maj. Gen. Paul Eaton, who was in charge of building the Iraqi Security Forces.

That last remark caused Schumer to shake his head, indicating he was not so sure. And, indeed, the retired officers' recommendations were off-message for the Democrats. Six of the seven Democrats at the hearing supported legislation calling for the start of a troop withdrawal from Iraq this year. One, Richard Durbin (Ill.), voted for the pullout to be mostly complete by next summer.

Yeah, Batiste landed some hard blows on the Bush administration, but Democrats ignoring his warnings about troop withdrawal and continuing on with a preplanned assault, makes them look foolish. It should be interesting to watch how this gets handled.

Talk about giving Republicans ammunition.

• Dionne’s commentary about is spot on. Republicans have lost control over the way Iraq and Terrorism are being framed. Once they lose their spin, the true reality sets in… and we all know reality isn’t a Republican friend.

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