Thursday, September 28, 2006
Morning Roundup (9/28/06)
• Reading the Times about competitive Senate aces across the country leaves me some hope, though it’s a tainted hope. There are competitive races shaping up all across the country, but I’m still worried that Democrats won’t take control of anything this November. Perhaps the country will wake up a bit more in the next month-ish, but I’m losing faith fast. Still, this article is a good summary about key Congressional races this November.

• Oh.My.Gawd. another .

But Zogby said Republicans could benefit from the climb in Bush's approval, sparked by increased support among his base voters. The poll found 42 percent of voters thought Bush's job performance was excellent or good, up from 39 percent two weeks ago and 34 percent in mid-August.

"The president and the Republicans are still on the ropes, but they certainly seem to have hit bottom and bounced back," Zogby said. "This is still very competitive."

I wonder how many hours this one will last. Probably just long enough for the loonies at Faux and on the right side of the blogosphere to get their headlines out.


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