Wednesday, September 27, 2006
Morning Roundup (9/27/06)
• Yes, even our intelligence agencies have some .

Putting aside how the outdated portions still refers to Zarqawi in the present tense, the big thing that strikes me about the key judgements is that they reflect a dhimmi, historically ignorant view of jihad more suited for the moonbat Left than our premier intelligence agencies. Check out this paragraph:

And just when you think blogland has been taken over by scary, insane blogwhores, you find a .

In one sense, it matters little: some GOP supporters on talk radio and in some other infoareas will immediately ignore, downplay or try to discredit these sections and point to the other ones and accuse those who quote, site or repeat the sections that don't support the President of being political hacks or tools.

Somenow the question keeps getting lost: are we conducting the best, most effective policy — and if not, how can we fix it?

Simply going after those who raise questions as indulging in electioneering may not work on the Iraq war in 2006. There seems to be feeling now in the land that the Iraq war is NOT just a political football any longer 00 not a luxury that can be afforded to drag on without some kind of quality control.

If you look at the right’s response (,) to this entire thing, they seem to be accusing Democrats of using this for political gain, while never mentioning the fact that the report says exactly what the Democrats say it says. It’s a mass spin effort, and as I’m sitting back and watching this whole thing, I can honestly say that I’m amazed by how cohesive and powerful this spin effort has been.

Other Reading:

• Simply, .

• Lookie, lookie, it seems the religious right pandering by republicans isn’t .

The House passed a bill yesterday that would bar judges from awarding legal fees to the American Civil Liberties Union and similar groups that sue municipalities for violating the Constitution's ban on government establishment of religion.

Though the bill would prevent plaintiffs from recovering legal costs in any lawsuit based on the Establishment Clause, House Republicans said during a floor debate that it was particularly aimed at organizations that force the removal of Nativity scenes and Ten Commandments monuments from public property.

It almost sounds like republicans want to give approval to violating the Constitution. There’s a surprise.


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