Friday, August 04, 2006
Stupid Christian File
Dateline, Ogle County, Illinois. This rural northern Illinois county recently paid for and received a statue for county property. It decided to name the statue "Demeter". Immediately, local residents wre up in arms because . . . the county was promoting pagan Greek religion by naming the statue after Demeter!
After an uproar in the local papers, and several furious county board meetings, the name was dropped, as the threat of a constitutional lawsuit was raised. Apparently there are enough worshipers of Greek gods that the county board was afraid they might surface at trial.
The Christians crowed that they had scored another victory in the "War on Christianity" (that exists only in the minds of idiots like Bill O'Reilly). If I weren't so committed to the Christian faith, I would abandon it because of ridiculously stupid people like these and the ridiculously stupid things they do.
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