Tuesday, August 08, 2006
Listen Carefully
The letter was sent to my blog on a thread concerning an outrageous column by Alan Dershowitz that said, in essence, criticism of Israel is anti-Semitism. I criticized Dershowitz' position, and the very idea that an American cannot criticize Israel's actions, unless such criticism is rooted in hatred of Jews. Such an idea is illogical, let alone not based in anything close to reality.
The letter was a copy of one sent to the UCC by the Wiesenthal Center critical of that denomination's comments, from the content of the letter at any rate, on the current Israeli war against Hezbollah and Lebanon. My comment's were not in any way directed at that conflict, and in fact were written before this particular conflict began. I suppose that, as a Christian critical of Israel, I fit into the catgegory of Jew-hating Christians in their eyes.
The sad part is, that, while the situation is complicated, and I feel that Israel is prosecuting this conflict in the wrong manner, I support Israel's attempt to protect its citizens from the rocket attacks, and while I do not see Hezbollah as simply a terrorist organization, its actions in kidnapping Israeli soldiers and firing rockets at civilian targets inside Israel constitute an act of war, as Hezbollah is part of the Lebanese government. That is missed, of coursed, by those who want to scream "anit-Semite!" everytime someone says Israel isn't the perfect place to live.
If someone out there is saying I am anti-Semitic because I am critical of the state of Israel, let them come find me. My blog isn't secret. Since I can't prove a negative, it is up to those making the charge to prove their case based on evidence. I have offered none that I can even remotely suppose makes the case that I am anti-Semitic, unless like Dershowitz, one believes that criticism of Israel is ipso facto proof of anti-Semitism. If that is the case, then, there is nothing I can say to prove them wrong, is there?

Let the games begin. By the way, while we debate this whole thing, real people are dying, and an already instable area of the world is teetering on the edge of collapse. Let us try and keep our priorities straight, shall we?
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