Thursday, July 27, 2006
Why Does The WaPo Hate America?
After Joshua Partlow’s , perhaps Conservative pundits and the Bush administration will stop painting a picture that troops are happy with this Iraq war, know what they’re fighting for, are fully behind the cause, and are, like, dancing through the fields singing motherfucking show tunes.

Some excerpts -

"It sucks. Honestly, it just feels like we're driving around waiting to get blown up. That's the most honest answer I could give you," said Spec. Tim Ivey, 28, of San Antonio, a muscular former backup fullback for Baylor University. "You lose a couple friends and it gets hard."

"No one wants to be here, you know, no one is truly enthused about what we do," said Sgt. Christopher Dugger, the squad leader. "We were excited, but then it just wears on you -- there's only so much you can take. Like me, personally, I want to fight in a war like World War II. I want to fight an enemy. And this, out here," he said, motioning around the scorched sand-and-gravel base, the rows of Humvees and barracks, toward the trash-strewn streets of Baghdad outside, "there is no enemy, it's a faceless enemy. He's out there, but he's hiding."

No one wants to be there? So, like, you aren’t all running through fields, singing the theme from The Sound Of Music, then?

"My personal opinion, I don't speak for the rest of anybody, I just speak for me personally, I think civil war is going to happen regardless," Steffey responded. "Maybe this country needs it: One side has to win. Be it Sunni, be it Shiite, one side has to win. It's apparent, these people have made it obvious they can't live in unity."

A civil war? Surely you know nothing about what’s really going on in Iraq - you know, where you’re stationed - , because there is no civil war. It’s all terrorists trying to defeat America.

"We just receive promises around here, nothing else," Adnan, 40, told Comstock. "Three years, just promises, and promises and promises."

Comstock wrote down the words: "only promises."

Well, hey, at least we liberated you and you have promises! That’s much more than you had before. Never mind that you’re now in constant danger of dieing… it’s the price you pay for promises. Sorry.

The sad thing about this, is that the still have their spin machines in full effect.

You have to read news stories every so carefully these days. They try to lie to you, but hide the truth so that later, when criticized, they can point to a single word or two and pretend they weren't lying to your face.

And somehow, to me, this paragraph sounds made up:

He kept talking. "They say we're here and we've given them freedom, but really what is that? You know, what is freedom? You've got kids here who can't go to school. You've got people here who don't have jobs anymore. You've got people here who don't have power," he said. "You know, so yeah, they've got freedom now, but when they didn't have freedom, everybody had a job.

Everybody had a job? Like the before-the-war schoolteacher who was making about a dollar a month, who was selling his furniture to stay alive? Yeah, tell me about it. No, that doesn't sound like a soldier talking, that sounds like a reporter. Maybe it's a soldier and maybe not. And of course, Baghdad took all the power in the country before the war, letting the south rot. Now power demand is way, way up, so there are blackouts, and Baghdad shares those with the rest of the country.

That’s right, folks. This WaPo article is actually making things up and using select quotes, because… apparently right-wingers know for a fact that this isn’t the prevailing troop opinion in Iraq. Because, you know, they’ve gone there and done oh so much investigating.

And, of course, right-wingers - yes, the one’s whose job it is to make everything the Bush administration does, a positive - would never selectively quote people to try and paint a picture of high troop morale in Iraq. They are always completely honest and never out with an agenda. Never.

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