Monday, July 17, 2006
Why Are We Picking Sides?
This will be my one and only post regarding the whole Middle East conflict (unless something earth shattering happens) because, quite frankly, the whole mess is crazy as ape shit. These people have been fighting since the beginning of time and will continue to do so, probably forever, and it’s not like either side is innocent.

The point of this post is that somehow Israel Vs. Lebanon has turned into Right Vs. Left, and I think it is freakin’ retarded. I understand the reasoning for the religious right to defend Israel at all cost - they don’t want to be smited by God, or something -, but I don’t understand why liberals are defending Lebanon so strongly. Honestly, I think it’s simply because the Right is so strongly defending Israel.

Somehow, there is this groupthink that if you are a Liberal you need to come out against Israel (see: ) and if you are a Conservative you need to come out and defend Israel (see: ). For people without a vested interest in seeing a winner, it should be quite simple. Israel should defend itself against terrorist attacks, but not to the point of killing innocent civilians and bombing their infrastructures.

Personally, I’m not getting into the middle of this. I’m simply going to say that Israel needs to stop killing innocent civilians and so does Hezbollah.

The way everyone seems to be picking sides is really strange.


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