Monday, July 10, 2006
Welcome To The Party, MSM
The funny thing about being a political blogger - or probably any type of blogger, for that matter - is that you are, like, a decade ahead of the mainstream media, often times driving it.

Take for example about .

This is one of the 60,000 videos added each day to, a shoot-it-yourself Web site that has exploded in popularity over the past year. And while many of the most widely viewed videos are merely intended to entertain or titillate -- rants, parodies, pet tricks, soccer brawls, singing, dancing and booty shaking -- company executives say politics is on the rise.

The site's sixth most popular group -- as measured by the number of people who click to subscribe -- is titled "Bush Sucks," with 2,018 members and 741 videos. Also near the top is "Nedheads," with 841 members signing on to a group created by activists backing Ned Lamont in his Democratic primary race against Sen. Joe Lieberman in Connecticut.

The whole thing leaves me with a sort of “well no shit, welcome to the party” kind of feeling.

Television and print are becoming obsolete (come on WaPo, where do you get more readers? Online or in circulation?) and any candidate that doesn’t realize this will most likely be left in the dust. Blogs and sites like YouTube allow the people to drive elections, cutting through the bullshit candidate spin and allowing the people to have a much bigger voice. By the 2008 election, the internet will be the driving force in politics, not the MSM bigwigs who filter news and decide reality.

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