Saturday, July 22, 2006
Site Updates
Okay, so it’s time for a few site related items - aren’t you all happy!

• I’d like to welcome our new advertiser (found in the upper left corner under the monetized heading. You should check out their stuff. I especially like the evolution category!
• Apparently my content didn’t make Google happy and I’ve been dropped from adsense. Quite frankly, they can eat a dick up, because I will never change my content. So, you now see adbrite advertisements - I have much more freedom.
• There’s been this huge made up controversy lately about liberal blogs and their content. A huge push has come from Conservative blogs (haha, they actually have the nerve to think they have the moral high ground to call others hateful!) to label the Left as, like, potty mouthed and hateful. I really have nothing to say about that, other than fuck you.
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