Wednesday, July 05, 2006
Republicans Really Hate The Press III
When writes

So how to rebuild trust about intelligence, and the sense of shared responsibility that flows from it? Republicans may pick up votes by berating the New York Times. And the administration may even be tempted to bring a criminal case to enforce the rules against leaking or publishing communications secrets. But those politically divisive steps won't give anti-terrorism programs the broader legal foundation they need, and in that sense, they won't make the country any safer.

in today’s WaPo, it seems like common sense, doesn’t it? Yet, for some reason, I have a hard time believing that this is the route that Republicans want to take. They would much rather please their base than help national security, and I do not doubt that for a second.

Republicans, at a time when… well, the country has lost all faith in them, have used this NYT story to get back into the public spotlight. This was the issue that they decided to get behind, because it looks good.

Browse any Conservative blog and you will see that commentators have picked up on this and are spinning the story in the correct way, even jumping too quickly on the travel section profiles - which they were wrong on, but they still used to further their agenda.

All this shit talking about the NYT has successfully divided the country - again -. As the Republicans wedge on, have they really done anything for our national security? Are we safer now that we know who defends the freedom of the press and who doesn’t? For being the supposed party of “national security”, it seems that Republicans really care more about division than they do about keeping us safe.

Simply, shut up about the whole NYT thing. Nothing is going to happen to the NYT, so stop pretending that you are going to do something. It’s just useless babble in a time when we need to actually be accomplishing things.

It’s another diversion from the Republicans, who refuse to focus on the important issues because they know their policies suck (flag burning, gay marriage anyone?).

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