Saturday, July 01, 2006
Republicans And Gitmo: BFF
The way Republican politicians and pundits spin issues - and the way American citizens eat it up - still fuckin’ amazes me beyond belief.

From the -
Republicans yesterday looked to wrest a political victory from a legal defeat in the Supreme Court, serving notice to Democrats that they must back President Bush on how to try suspects at Guantanamo Bay or risk being branded as weak on terrorism.

In striking down the military commissions Bush sought for trials of suspected members of al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups, the high court Thursday invited Congress to establish new rules and put the issue prominently before the public four months before the midterm elections. As the White House and lawmakers weighed next steps, House GOP leaders signaled they are ready to use this week's turn of events as a political weapon.

House Majority Leader John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) criticized House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's comment Thursday that the court decision "affirms the American ideal that all are entitled to the basic guarantees of our justice system." That statement, Boehner said, amounted to Pelosi's advocating "special privileges for terrorists."

It doesn’t surprise me that Republicans are going to turn Gitmo and this ruling into a political issue. That’s just what politicians do. But, I’m quite concerned that Republicans have no problem lying about their counterparts across the aisle by painting them as soft on terrorism, when that isn’t even what the debate is about. The only thing I can figure is that Republicans have no idea what is going on (in which case, they should be voted out… someone so incompetent that they can’t even understand an important debate shouldn’t represent us), or they have no problem lying about Democrats in order to score political points. And, I mean, I know politicians are liars, but we really shouldn’t sit back and accept such a blatant example of it.

The fact that seems to be missing from the Republican script is that we aren’t sure everyone at Gitmo is actually guilty of anything. People there are just rounded up from other countries and placed there without the benefit of a trial. We, as American citizens, are not sure what evidence against these people we have. All we have is the word of Bush that some of these people may want to hurt our country. Okay.

Wanting to make sure people who are innocent are not held by our government is not “supporting terrorists”. It is simply caring about other people and making sure that human rights are always upheld.

Republicans wish to paint liberals and Human Rights organizations as weak on terrorism because it makes them look superior. Republicans will, without a second thought, strap their tinfoil hats on and come up with all forms of conspiracy theories to explain why we are worried about human rights - and the citizens just eat them all up.

But, whatever. If the GOP would like to turn the lives of some innocent people into a Democrat smear campaign, then it is their souls that they have to live with. Misinforming the American people will screw you in the long run, so bring your debate and all the misrepresentations that come with it, Bitches.

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