Tuesday, July 25, 2006
Maybe Stem Cell Research Will Make It, Afterall
Now that Bush has shown himself to be nothing but the Far-Right’s bitch, through his stem cell veto, it’s good to see that more normal people are allowing this important science .

As important as this research is, it’s sad to see that the only funding is coming from a few select states as America faces a .

Republicans face a hard choice. They can either show themselves to be the party of Far-Right fringe groups, or they can show themselves to be moderate. It’s a war that’s been brewing and I can’t wait to see who falls where, because honestly, I’m not sure any Republican in Congress can appear Far-Right to voters and still be elected. The country has spoken, and they don’t want these whackos running the country, anymore.

has some coverage on how the stem cell veto has “rejuvenated the Far-Right base”.

In other words, right-wing activists, who believed after the 2004 election that GOP lawmakers would finally advance a religious right-style agenda, are now "rejuvenated" despite Republicans failing to actually accomplish anything.

What is there for the far-right to be so excited about? After ignoring the Dobson crowd for the better part of two years, Republicans have recently:
* held unsuccessful votes on gay marriage, flag burning, and the estate tax;

* ignored the base's demands and passed a popular stem-cell research bill that sparked a presidential veto;

* passed a court-stripping measure in the House that almost certainly won't even come up for a vote in the Senate;

* and successfully increased fines on broadcast indecency.

That's it. Stiffer FCC penalties and a bunch of failed measures are enough to "rejuvenate" the base?

Talk about your soft bigotry of low expectations….

I’m not sure anymore can be said….


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