Tuesday, July 11, 2006
Lazy Ass Round Up (7-11-06)
Come on, I haven’t done one in days.
Left Behinds has an interesting post about homosexuality and its cause. It’s an interesting read and a pretty sound argument, if you ask me. I would like to take it a bit further, though.

Every time research gets published (and hijacked by the media, who often come to conclusions that the study actually doesn’t) that seems to point to a biological reason for homosexuality, people literally rejoice. For some reason, people who are for gay rights really want homosexuality to be biological, probably because they view that as something that you can’t change. From my point of view, if homosexuality is biological, the argument can easily be made that it is some type of defect… something that can be fixed, whereas if it is nurture based, you really can’t find the “norm”.

In my opinion - the whole debate is opinion, because no one actually knows -, homosexuality is a combination of biological and environmental factors. Basically, I believe that people can biologically have a better chance of being gay, but that your environment really dictates your sexuality. That’s not to say that gay people can change. Your personality… the shaping of who you are… is not something that can be changed. In fact, if it is nurture based, it may be impossible to change.

In the end, the causes of homosexuality should never even enter into the debate of gay rights. It doesn’t matter if people are born gay, or if it’s something that develops into their personality. I just wish people who support gay rights wouldn’t try to use the “you’re born with it” argument, because it doesn’t even matter. The point is that it exists, it’s not a choice (that much I can be sure of), and the country should not be restricting the rights of a minority.

• As a smoker (one that’s trying to quit… but can’t) .

• Every stoner’s favorite political blog, , has been . Go Wonkette (or that boy that pretends to be Wonkette) !!!

• Everyone I know does some sort of drugs. I’ve watched as some of my friends got hooked on the harder stuff, and thus screwed up their lives. Once you’re on something like Crack, you will do anything to get it.

I once lived in a part of Detroit that was literally crack town. Crackheads would, like, wait in the trees, waiting for someone to drop a dollar so they could scurry off and buy a bobo.

Needless to say, I know what drug epidemics can do to whole areas and people.

Meth, something that hasn’t hit in areas like Detroit, yet (I would know if Meth was around… someone would have offered it to me at some point), is seriously . People need to be aware of this. It’s not spreading as quickly as Crack did in the 80’s, so we still have time to combat this. Hopefully, more people will realize what’s going on and not brush this off as some short lived phase.

• The Bush administration has issued a memo stating that .

The Bush administration, in an apparent policy reversal sparked by a recent Supreme Court ruling, said today it will extend the guarantees of humane treatment specified by the Geneva Conventions to detainees in the war-on-terror.

In a memo released by the Pentagon this morning, Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England, citing the Supreme Court's decision, ordered all Pentagon personnel to "adhere to these standards" and to "promptly review" all policies and practices "to ensure that they comply with the standards" of the Geneva Convention's Common Article 3.

There are so many changes in the Bush administration policies over the last week, that… I feel we have finally accomplished something. Applying the Geneva Conventions to these prisoners is seriously a win for human rights.

UPDATE1 12:45 PM: LOL, oh noes!!! The !!!


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