Tuesday, July 18, 2006
Iraq Spinning Out Of Control
With all of the warring between Israel and Lebanon, Iraq has been all but forgotten by the 24 hour news stations, which should make the Bush administration quite happy as Iraq .

An AP count showed at least 696 Iraqis were killed in sectarian or war-related violence in the first 18 days of July. That's a sharp rise over the same period last year, when an AP count showed more than 450 Iraqis were killed.

But statistics alone cannot convey the depth of the sectarian brutality.

In Kufa, police said the suicide attacker drove to a street corner where laborers congregate, hoping someone will offer them work for the day. The driver promised jobs, filled the van, and then detonated it on a bustling street.

Sunni gunmen in Mahmoudiya sprayed the crowd of mostly Shiite shoppers Monday with automatic weapons and fired rocket-propelled grenades into the melee, according to police and survivors. In the aftermath, children lay on hospital gurneys, their legs shattered, their bodies writhing in pain.

Nearly every day, police find corpses in Baghdad streets and vacant lots, victims of death squads that hunt down members of the rival sect. The bodies often show signs of horrific torture, including holes drilled into their eyes or skulls.

As a result, many Iraqis — especially those who live in Baghdad and other religiously mixed cities — are terrified. Almost everyone seems to have a relative or acquaintance who has disappeared or died violently.

Again, can someone please tell me why our troops are putting their lives on the line to save a country from itself? We have no business getting involved with this civil war. Two factions within a foreign country, warring with each other, do not pose a threat to Americans.

I wasn’t for an immediate withdrawal before, but I’m starting to gravitate towards it. This is ridiculous.


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