Sunday, July 16, 2006
The Ignored Crazy Rantings Of The Right Side
has a very good post up criticizing the lack of MSM coverage of the whacko rightwing blogs.

The extremist and increasingly deranged rhetoric and tactics found in the right-wing blogosphere -- not only among obscure bloggers but promoted and disseminated by its most-read and influential bloggers -- is, indeed, "a very common disease." When it becomes commonplace to hurl accusations of treason against domestic political opponents, or when calls for imprisonment and/or hanging of journalists and political leaders become the daily fare -- all of which is true for the pro-Bush blogosphere -- those are serious developments. And they merit discussion and examination by the media.

On the days that I’m actively blogging, I have the unfortunate task of reading the big dog rightwing blog feeds. Powerline, LGF, Malkin… all of them… have at least one daily post that is so incredibly insane, you have to wonder why they have readers. They all actively call for the hanging of political opponents, they all think that liberals love terrorists, and they all feel that Bush is God, and all the negative Bush actions are not the fault of the administration, but that of some weird nationwide liberal conspiracy to bring on the demise of America. Like I said, they are ape shit crazy.

The mainstream press ignores all of these crazy rantings and pretends that they don’t exist, yet, if Markos takes a shit, someone in the MSM, somewhere, will be writing about it. The reasoning for this total lack of rightwing acknowledgement is, quite simply, fear. The MSM, which is one of the rightwing’s biggest enemies, is afraid that if they publish news about these crazy rantings, they will appear to be, in fact, the liberal oasis that Conservatives would like you to think they are. In short, rightwing whackos get a free pass because they are feared.

I’d prefer it, personally, if the MSM really didn’t pay much attention to the blogosphere. There is nothing stranger than reading a news report about a Kos flame war, because, honestly, that isn’t news. That’s simply the internet.

This strange, unholy alliance between the left blogosphere and the MSM is a bit of our own doing, myself included. It can all be traced back to the WaPo, and their genius, but quite simple idea to include Technorati links on their news articles. Because of this, bloggers… all of us… post on WaPo stories because it drives traffic to our sites. It’s a win win situation for all involved, but now, I feel like the left blogosphere has become the news, instead of reporting the news.

If the MSM feels the need to report on left blog happenings, perhaps they should seriously focus some attention on the right side, because if a Kos flame war makes good news, I can only imagine the attention that would be paid to an article about how Malkin wants NYT reporters to be hung for treason, or how Powerline thinks that liberals are terrorists.


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