Wednesday, July 05, 2006
Green Has Antisocial Personality Disorder
Steven Green, the former American soldier charged with raping and killing Iraqi citizens apparently had .

MIDLAND, Texas - A former Army private accused in the horrific rape and killing of a young Iraqi woman and the execution-style slaying of her family had been discharged because of an "antisocial personality disorder," U.S. military officials told The Associated Press.

Just some thoughts on this -

• Yes, raping and murdering innocent people is easier with an antisocial disorder. I can actually see a connection. Also, it’s not a far jump from antisocial PD to sociopath.
• People with personality disorders are easy to spot. Period. Normally, when someone has a personality disorder, you will know it. Why didn’t they pick up on this earlier?
• Strangely, in my opinion, everyone who is an active participant in war needs to develop some type of antisocial behavior. It would be too hard to kill, without it.

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