Sunday, July 09, 2006
Goodbye Nedd, Love Ya
It appears that I’ve received my final email from Nedd Kareiva.

RE: It was quite disgusting for you to post these people’s private information.

It was quite disgusting for you and your other lefty friends to engage in attack mode rather than respectful conversation. But tell me, Brian, what did you ever do for the family? And for the record, the family moved to Wilmington, 2 hours north, back in the summer of 2004. Our site took off in November of 2004. We had nothing to with the move.

You don't have to answer what you did for the family because you're being blacklisted and all future e-mails will be bounced back to you. I have no desire to hear from you and now I won't have to.

Thank you for your worthless e-mails.


The lifespan of a story on blogs is about 2.4 seconds, and I feel that this story has reached its finality.

I wasn’t quite aware that I had “lefty friends”, but since I apparently do, y’all should come over. Bring a fifth - perhaps some Vodka - and some pot, because I have to be pretty stoned to make sense out of any of this. Honestly, I thought my emails were rather tame - although, I’m sure that he’s been reading here and was a bit disgusted by my Fuck Nedd Karieva headline.

I doubt that Nedd will be posting anymore private information about people. I’m quite sure that he received a tiring amount of correspondence telling him to fuck off, and I doubt he’ll want to go through it again. That was my intention all along.

Goodbye Nedd, and “the Family”, thank you for my first blacklisting.

UPDATE1 12:00 PM: Somehow, I missed - I blame my lefty friends for not keeping me informed.

The whole thing is kind of crazy, so I suggest you read it - it should be good for some laughs. He really believes in his head that this whole thing was an attempt to shut him down. It’s interesting to watch him rationalize his evil actions this way.

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