Friday, July 07, 2006
Fuck Nedd Kareiva
I received another response from -
You do what you feel you have to do, Brian, if you feel it builds your ego, OK? I'm not intimidated by your comments and I can't stop you. I have thick skin. You just make sure you are doing it legally because I have solid attorneys who will go after your butt if you do something illegal

Paraded the success off these people? I see why you are so far out in left field. I leave you with this.

None of these emails from him have really addressed the issue of his actions. I don’t know if he is purposely trying to avoid it, because he knows he fucked up, or if he is just entirely dimwitted.

Here was my response -

Build my ego? Reading comprehension is your friend. Notice how I said I wouldn’t do these things, because I have more integrity than that? In fact, that was the point of the entire response, but since you seem to have a comprehension problem (perhaps English is a second language to you?), I’ll gladly plainly state my point.

It was quite disgusting for you to post these people’s private information. It wasn’t the actual posting of the information that was disgusting, it’s the fact that you did so, hoping that your members and readers would target them. This happened, and they were run out of town. This makes you quite immoral and perhaps a bit crazy.

So while you totally miss the point and… kind of threaten me with some lawyers - not the ACLU I would presume -, I’ll “build my ego” by knowing that the bloggers and media who have been kind enough to shine a light on your actions have caused quite a stir, and you are now seen for the true person that you are.

So, will you be defending your actions yet? Apologizing for them? Something other than entirely ignoring the situation and going off on weird “Jews and Christians love each other” talking points?

Brian Varitek

I originally posted on this subject because I wanted it to get out. 100 things like this go unnoticed each day, and if we can highlight them, I think that we could better prevent an ignorant relapse - so please believe me when I tell you how excited I was to get an auto reply from Karieva -

Thank you for your message. I attempt to answer all e-mails within
24-48 hours.

Keep in mind that your purchases at our store support the Coalition. To
visit our store, go to

If you are a liberal and responding to the blogs that are criticizing
our web site, we will respond to you at our discretion. If you are
interested in name calling and verbal attacks, you will most definitely not
get a reply.

God bless the USA!

Nedd Kareiva

This story has apparently created some outrage, and Neddy is certainly feeling it. I wish more Conservative bloggers would speak out about this, as it really isn’t a lvc issue - all decent people should be outraged by Kareiva’s actions.

One last point. The way some, including myself at the very beginning, are framing this as an anti-Jewish issue is totally wrong. I do not think religion has anything to do with these actions. This guy is just a total douche bag. He would have done this to anyone, regardless of their religion, who differs from his legal beliefs.

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