Tuesday, July 25, 2006
Even When They Get It, They Don't
Exactly how much does it suck to be a Republican? Apparently, .

It's all fairly standard Democratic boilerplate -- except the candidate is a Republican . And he's getting all kinds of cooperation from the White House, the Republican National Committee and GOP congressional leaders.

Not that he necessarily wants it. "Well, you know, I don't know," the candidate said when asked if he wanted President Bush to campaign for him. Noting Bush's low standing in his home state, he finally added: "To be honest with you, probably not."

The candidate gave the luncheon briefing to nine reporters from newspapers, magazines and networks under the condition that he be identified only as a GOP Senate candidate. When he was pressed to go on the record, his campaign toyed with the idea but got cold feet. He was anxious enough to air his gripes but cautious enough to avoid a public brawl with the White House.

The funniest thing about this whole “yeah I know we messed up” spiel, is that this anonymous candidate is still messing up. The biggest problem with Congressional Republicans is their failure to stand up against the Executive. They are a rubberstamp Congress, and this Republican exemplifies that perfectly through his failure to actually come out and say these things with his name attached. We have a lame duck president, yet Republicans still refuse to come out and stand up to him. Why should the voters vote anyone in who can’t even stand up against the leader of their own Party as he leads them into Hell?


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