Monday, July 17, 2006
Democracy Alliance For The Liberal
After reading the front page WaPo article about , a liberal donor group, a few things need to be addressed.

Democracy Alliance also has left some Washington political activists concerned about what they perceive as a distinctly liberal tilt to the group's funding decisions. Some activists said they worry that the alliance's new clout may lead to groups with a more centrist ideology becoming starved for resources.

To think that Republicans came into power by only having large centrist donors is laughable. The largest part of Republicans’ success has been their courting of the far right groups that do not hesitate to spend their money on people who they think gives them a voice. These far right groups are not moderate and have views that most moderate voters find disgusting.

The only way that this would become a problem for the Democratic Party is if they become all Republican-like, and only pander to the fringe. But, in the end, that is the Democrats holding the Democrats’ fate.

"Everything we invest in should have not just short-term impact but long-term impact and sustainability," she said. The group requires nondisclosure agreements because many donors prefer anonymity, Wade added. Some donors expressed concern about being attacked on the Web or elsewhere for their political stance; others did not want to be targeted by fundraisers.

Ugh. The far right have hijacked the word liberal, created 502 strawman arguments, and painted liberals as the worst kind of people. Hiding the fact that you are liberal just gives them power. Every time something is read by a moderate, in the newspaper, about a liberal who is fearful of public reaction for their political leanings, it gives that moderate the impression that liberals are like these shadowy people who have ideas that are just too fucked for the mainstream.

Be proud to be a liberal, and take the damn word back. Seriously.

Also, secrecy about political money is never good. Democracy Alliance must realize that they are inviting a lot of criticism due to the secrecy around their money habits. The best way to fight this criticism is to be open and not at all secretive. Come on now, haven’t we learned anything?

This group has gotten some criticism already by some prominent liberals. Personally, I’m glad this group exists to further the liberal agenda into politics and hopefully fuel the Democrats’ comeback. I do have some concerns about its secrecy, but not enough to label the group as bad. That’s some serious money that the party could definitely use to combat the far right money Republicans live off of.

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