Monday, July 10, 2006
Christianists - America's Worst Nightmare
Reading about really cements my belief in Christianists.

Through the WaPo’s highlighting of certain cases the Alliance Defense Fund takes on and the selected quotes by its members, I get the strong impression that the ADF believes Christians possess the moral authority to dictate all US actions, even if that means the trampling of the Constitution. They hide this - probably because if our citizens realized the truth, they’d becompletely fearful of the ADF - by claiming - in true nuttery fashion - that Christians are a persecuted supermajority in America.

People with more “mainstream” thinking processes are probably wondering what I mean, because come one, Christians are a peaceful lot who want this great, moral utopia. The problem with that thinking is that I view the Christianist agenda (no rights for homosexuals, no rights to abortion, Christian branding on all things public, no stem cell research, limited free speech, weird sexual laws, strange dictation of science by an unscientific committee… you know, the Christianist agenda) to be quite immoral, according to my own moral code, as well as the spirit of freedom that the United States is based upon.

In debate, the biggest argument that Christianists use to support their rights-limiting stances, is that in America, the minority controls the will of the majority. The problem with this argument is that the majority does not have the ability to remove the rights of the minority. By defending this concept, the minority is restricting the will of the majority, but that will, the will to control the minority, is not protected in the United States. The Constitution protects certain rights, and even if the majority wished to remove certain rights from a minority, the may not, and stopping them from doing so isn’t removing their rights. They never had that right of control, in the first place.

Damn, did that even make any sense?

When the courts bitchslap these groups, telling them that their stances are wrong under US law, they cry “liberal bias”. I don’t know if they are crazy, if they really believe what they say, or if it’s all a game to gain support, but these groups will never admit that they are wrong, because in their minds, America is a Christian nation, not a free nation with a Christian population.

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