Saturday, July 08, 2006
ACLU Brings Lawsuit Against Military Leaders
The ACLU is bringing an against top military officials - including Rummy and George Casey - on behalf of an American citizen detained in Iraq.
In my opinion, he was detained for good reason (he had something that could be used as a bomb timer in his possession), but this part really worries me -
Even though FBI agents cleared him of suspicion, he did not have access to an attorney and was able to make only a few short phone calls to his family. And the US military did nothing to send him home even after a military panel recommended his immediate release, according to the court papers.

What are military officials doing holding someone after he has been recommended for immediate release? How hard is it to release innocent people?

This should be an interesting case, and we’ll see if it goes anywhere. I’m glad that the ACLU, even though they are rarely successful in these types of lawsuits, is bringing cases like these to the attention of the American public. In the end, it is only through the pressure of our citizens, that the military will correct these stupid little errors it makes.

Human rights are more important than our military saving face.

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