Wednesday, June 07, 2006
Who Is Actually Fooled By The Federal Marriage Amendment?
Reading Howard Kurtz’s , one thing became really clear. Very few people -- even Conservatives -- are fooled by the timing of the Federal Marriage Amendment.

Sure, there’s a lot of chirping by Conservative bloggers about why it’s good to put bigotry into the Constitution, but that’s just what dumb birds do -- they chirp. At the same time, it’s quite obvious that the same Conservative bloggers really wish Republicans would focus on the important issues and are quite aware of the political game being played with the FMA.

I wonder what negative fallout there will be from this FMA stunt. Bloggers drive a lot of political issues, and when bloggers are unhappy, constituents are unhappy. I’m sure that Republicans can shrink this whole FMA thing into a few soundbites, allowing people who don’t follow politics to think that something good was done, something worthwhile. This tactic will not fool as many people as Republicans think, but they will still try.


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