Monday, June 19, 2006
Today's Christianist Of The Day
Today’s crazy Christianist award goes to , who attempts to link the gay rights movement in America to Communism.

By its nature, Christianity is both a patriarchal and hierarchal religious and philosophical worldview. Since it teaches that mankind is 'fallen' (has a sinful nature which is the source of evil) it requires as a consequence, that moral constraints (social taboos) be placed on man's sin-nature to encourage him not to act upon sinful urges, which always eventually lead to suffering and evil.

The seven great sins are: pride (self-love), envy, wrath, gluttony, lust, sloth, and greed -- the source of all manmade social ills and suffering. Moral constraint builds self-discipline. A society in which self-discipline is viewed as a virtue is a society that has high social standards, among which is honesty, reliability, fidelity, loyalty, trustworthiness, efficiency, etc. This is a dynamic, productive society that values achievement and good work ethics.

While all men are sinners, the majority of mankind can and will accept moral constraints. However, into every generation are born some who absolutely will not. Even as children, these Cain-like individuals will be rebellious, contemptuous, spiteful, and hateful towards authority and moral constraints, which they'll view as impositions upon their absolute sovereignty. As adults, they'll see it as their mission in life to subvert and tear down all moral restraints and institutions that stand between themselves and their insatiable egos and base appetites. The working principle of this sort of person is: "I am, therefore I am entitled."

After the collapse of the Roman Empire in 476 AD, Christianity grew and spread rapidly across Western Europe and into Eastern Europe. Western Europe eventually became known as Christendom.

In 1700, a group of Christendom Cain's calling themselves "freethinkers" had begun agitating against God, the Christian church, and moral constraints. In 1708, Jonathan Swift, famous for his acerbic satire, skewered freethinkers and the 'social advantages' they saw in the abolition of Christianity: "I appeal to the...polite freethinker, whether in the pursuit of gratifying...passion, he hath not always felt a wonderful incitement by reflecting it was a thing forbidden...It is...proposed as a great advantage to the public that if we...discard...the Gospel, all religion will be banished forever, and consequently those grievous prejudices of education, which under the names of virtue, conscience, honour, justice, and the apt to disturb the peace of human minds (and) so hard to be eradicated by right reason or freethinking, sometimes during the whole course of our lives." Christianity is hateful because by "laying restraints on human nature (it is) the great enemy of the freedom of thought and action. " (Gulliver's Travels and Other Writings, Jonathan Swift, pp 449-454)

Really, I’d write something intelligent here, but… come on.


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