Monday, June 12, 2006
Spin, Spin, Beautiful Zarqawi Spin

Ugh, I was searching the news channels this morning and accidentally left it on Faux a little too long. They are completely excited about the soon to be announced autopsy results of Zarqawi, leading me to believe that they have switched from the hot missing teen white girl network to the blown up Arab guy network.

Before the Conservative bots get here and start… botting it up from their Conservative script, let me say that I am happy that Zarqawi is no longer a threat. I really can’t help to notice, though, the way the MSM is spinning this story, making it a much bigger deal than it really is. The Bush administration is using this to help boost their horrible Iraq numbers, acting as though Zarqawi was a main cause of the violence in Iraq.

Zarqawi, in all of his evilly ways, was never the main cause of violence in Iraq. He added to it, but he isn’t the cause of the current civil war in the country. He isn’t the one that is making Iraqis pissed at American troops for infiltrating their country. It’s good that he’s no longer a threat, but that does nothing for the violence in Iraq – not matter how the White House spins it.


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