Friday, June 09, 2006
Specter Wants Amnesty For NSA Criminals

It seems, according to WaPo article, that Specter isn’t going to stand up to the Bush administration over the NSA wiretapping program.

Specter's bill, introduced yesterday at a committee meeting, was a compromise worked out with Sen. Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.) and designed to gather enough Republican support so it can be taken to the floor for a vote. During a conversation with Cheney yesterday afternoon first disclosed by an administration official, Specter (R-Pa.) said he arranged to have Justice Department officials begin reviewing his proposal.

Another part of the Specter bill would grant blanket amnesty to anyone who authorized warrant less surveillance under presidential authority, a provision that seems to ensure that no one would be held criminally liable if the current program is found illegal under present law.

READ: It’s okay that you broke the law. You are Republicans after all, so I’ll grant you amnesty.

I don’t see the point of writing amnesty into a bill, unless you think that a crime was committed. Thank you Arlen Specter, for once again pissing on the citizens of this country so that you can flee the RINO label.


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