Thursday, June 15, 2006
Roundin' Up The Blogs
• Well, it seems that Peter Wallsten is blind, afterall, and he has from Bush. This all seems anticlimatic to me. I was at least hoping for some sort of controversy - hopefully with someone screaming, “George Bush hates blind people”.

• If any of my profs put a paper of mine through a plagiarism checker and got as many hits as is getting from Coulter’s new book, I’d be kicked out of school for good. I guess the rules change when you have a book deal. And look like a horse. And sell a lot of crappy books through controversy. And attack liberals with the most retarted talking points ever. And turn Jesus into an advertising campaign.

• Joe, at , pointed out the fact that the media sure loves an underdog story.

The latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll had Bush "surging" 1 point -- all the way from 36% to 37%. This morning, Matt Lauer was incredulous that the numbers for Bush haven't spiked. The media is waiting for -- and pushing the narrative that there will be -- a Bush surge. The American people, who, unlike the media, grasp that Bush has lied to them about Iraq many times, aren't giving him one:


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