Tuesday, June 20, 2006
Oh Noes!!!1!! Presbyterians Don't Hate Gays
Ask any Christian in the world and they will tell you that we are all sinners. It is a universal Christian belief that all people are sinners and need Jesus to enter heaven. Without the cleansing of Jesus, we will all face an eternity separated from God.

It is this universal belief that all people are evil that makes me seriously doubt the reasoning behind restricting homosexuals from becoming clergy. There are some denominations that refuse to allow gay clergy, even if they are not sexually active. Their reasoning is that someone who is “living in sin” shouldn’t be able to lead a church, but they refuse to explain why it’s okay to allow anyone else to lead a church, when they believe that all people are sinners. Because, you know, actually all people are “living in sin”.

I’m glad to see that the voted in new policy that would perhaps allow gay people to become clergy.
BIRMINGHAM, Alabama (Reuters) - The largest U.S. Presbyterian Church body approved a measure on Tuesday that would open the way for the ordination of gays and lesbians under certain circumstances.

The new policy was approved on a vote of 57-43 percent among 500 church representatives at the biennial meeting of the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. It gives local church organizations more leeway in deciding if gays can be ordained as lay deacons and elders as well as clergy, provided they are faithful to the church's core values.

"It permits local governing bodies to examine candidates on a wider criterion than sexual orientation ... it allows these bodies to look at the whole person and not categorize them," said John Walton, pastor of First Presbyterian Church in New York's Greenwich Village and a member of the "Covenant Network of Presbyterians" which backed the change.

Kim Clayton Richter of the Columbia Theological Seminary in Atlanta, a member of the same group, said it's wrong to interpret the Bible literally on homosexuality.

"You cannot pick out two or three passages to prove your point. You have to look at the whole witness of Jesus Christ. We've changed our mentality on slavery and the role of women. We have to change with reality," Richter said.

Change is slow to come, but I view American churches as the final frontier when it comes to gay rights. Once you convince the churches that gays aren’t evil baby stealers, the rest of society won’t be far behind.


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