Saturday, June 17, 2006
Morning Roundup
• Well, it seems that the Conservative crush on Fox News is in -
Former Iraq Survey Group member Ray Robinson has gone public with another highly-damning recovered document that details the collaborative ties between Saddam Hussein and Iraq between 1999-2002. You can read the whole document in translation, along with analysis, at FoxNews, which is sponsoring this work (there's a full blog round up here). Now I am not claiming that everything Fox does is beyond reproach or that they are doing this purely out of the good of their collective hearts, but their support for Mr. Robinson's research is one of the best examples of the MSM actually being helpful to our national interest that I have seen in recent memory, and may their more or less exclusive coverage (seems to me no one else cares to cover it too overtly) drive up their ratings and so their profits.

• Finally, I’ve gotten some attention from the -

And here's something that really burns my toast! False advertising! You can only imagine my excitement on stumbling upon a site called Burn the Liberals I was wiggling in my little chair! My little orange fox tail just a waggin'. Alas...Just another member of the ass-hat coalition.

Impeach Bush! NO more war! NO more Lies! NO more...uhmm..Oil related...things.

This is the crippled cry from a dying party. Echoing...Echoing...Through the internet abyss of which there is no one left to listen...

All I can say is - wow, you think you’re a fox.

has a great piece up, detailing why Democrats should vote against the Iraq resolution.

Make no mistake, the House Democrats are being set up. The sham debate and vote on a non-binding resolution declaring Iraq to be part of the war on terror, and resolving to win said war, is meant fr the sole purpose of making Republicans look resolute and Democrats look weak going into the November elections. Republicans know that they have no issues going for them in November, and so they are pulling out the old Swiftie playbook: resolve to win a war they themselves have failed mightily to weigh in on or oversee for three years, and then dare the Democrats to vote against their "call for total victory." Well, there are three reasons Democrats should refuse to participate in this sham (which the Defense Department shamefully entered into as a political player yesterday, with that politicized memo they attempted to later withdraw) -- and why they should do so even if Republicans do as they always do: use those "no" votes to try and question the patriotism of Democrats in November.


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