Saturday, June 10, 2006
Morning News Roundup
says he might run for president in 2008.

Though he came to power as a fiery conservative, Gingrich has softened some of his partisanship since leaving office. He has criticized the current House leadership for cracking down on dissent, he appeared last year with Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) to back changes in how medical data are shared, and he supports federal funding for alterative energy sources.

Oh wow, I’m so glad you’ve given up your wingnuttery ways. /sarcasm

• Good thing Global Warming and Evolution aren’t real, or would be true!

Some species of animals are changing genetically in order to adapt to rapid climate change within just a few generations, scientists believe.

Smaller animals in particular that can breed quickly, such as squirrels, some birds and insects, are showing signs of evolving new patterns of behaviour to increase their chances of survival. Scientists say that many of the genetic adaptations are to cope with changes in the length of the seasons rather than the absolute increases in summer temperatures.

is putting his name in the hat to become the Majority Leader when Dems take back the House in November.

Rep. John P. Murtha (Pa.), one of the Democrats' leading antiwar voices, startled his political colleagues yesterday by announcing he would seek a senior leadership position if the Democrats win control of the House in November.

In a letter that he circulated on the floor during a series of votes, Murtha said he is eyeing the No. 2 position. "If we prevail as I hope and know we will and return to the majority this next Congress, I have decided to run for the open seat of the Majority Leader," Murtha wrote.

I personally like Murtha and think that he would make a great Majority Leader. The only problem I see is the bashing from the Right (they only respect the troops who agree with everything they say) that he will receive, due to his anti-Iraq War stance. Then again, with the way the country’s opinion is changing, Murtha’s stance on Iraq may actually be the majority opinion.


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