Wednesday, June 28, 2006
Lazy Ass Round-Up
• Republicans are starting to run away from their own Christianist pandering agenda. Hopefully, they are finally realizing that America is catching on to their games, and in order for them to win elections, they need to stop focusing on this strange agenda and start getting to the things that Americans actually care about.

Perhaps they no longer want to be the do nothing Congress.

asks what new information the NYT actually offered about Swift. It seems they had a pretty public presence. He also looks at Tony Snow’s idiocy about the subject.

. 11-11 Vote,

There still seems to be a little hope, though -

But Sen. Ron Wyden, an Oregon Democrat, said Wednesday that he would seek to prevent a floor vote on the telecommunications bill because it did not include extensive Net neutrality regulations. "I will object to any further action on this telecommunications bill until it includes a strong net neutrality provisions that will truly benefit consumers and small business," Wyden said, a promise that has teeth because the Senate often works through unanimous consent.

• The Pentagon says . Apparently they’ve never seen Jerry Springer.

• House pot amendment .

WASHINGTON - The House on Wednesday voted to continue to allow federal prosecution of those who smoke marijuana for medical purposes in states with laws that permit it.

A year ago, the Supreme Court ruled that the federal government can prosecute medical marijuana users, even when state laws allow doctor-prescribed use of the drug.
By a 259-163 vote, the House again turned down an amendment that would have blocked the Justice Department from prosecuting people in the 11 states with such medical marijuana laws.

It’s sad when Congress decides that voters are irrelevant and states actually have no rights.


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