Friday, June 09, 2006
How Liberals Dropped Coulter's Balls
Liberals -- myself included -- have really fucked up this whole Ann Coulter fiasco. I made the decision to totally ignore her latest batch of comments, because honestly, she simply likes to stir up controversy so she can sell her book - and she has the dangerous, attention whore trifecta: she’s hot, she pretends to be a Christian, and she’s shocking like Howard Stern. None of these things are original, but no one seems to put them together, quite like her.

So, I ignored her and watched as she blew up around me. Her book is currently number one on Amazon, which is quite an accomplishment for someone who is a horrible writer… worse than me, actually. She’s currently number four on the technorati search, where she’s been on top for a few days now. Every MSM station is eating her up, interviewing her like she’s the Beatles. All of this suggests that America cares greatly about this woman and that her shtick has paid off. Good for her, actually.

Liberals, from all the coverage I’ve read, have gone about this the entirely wrong way. Although there have been some great posts about her ( commentary had me laughing for at least ten minutes), no one really has called out the Conservatives that she supposedly speaks for. You see, when it comes to Ann Coulter, the country is split into three. On one side, you have the people that absolutely love her and think that she is the best thing since porn. On the completely other side, you have the people that totally despise her. Then there is the majority group -the people who really don’t care what she has to say, but are a little offended about the whole 9/11 widows thing (really, not even close to her most controversial comments, but screw with 9/11 widows and people get totally up in arms) and actually think that she went too far this time.

Now, every time a radical liberal becomes BFF with Hugo Chavez, or files a lawsuit to get In God We Trust taken off our money, the big Conservative bloggers pretend that they are a representative of the entire liberal community. Malkin’s goofy ass is the best at this. She knows that the extreme activists on the Left are not representatives of the whole, but that doesn’t stop her from writing as though they are - something that her readers believe and eat up wholesale. This is the main reason for the liberalphobia in this country, and Conservative bloggers know exactly how to paint that picture.

Now the country is pissed off at a Conservative, for her extreme views, and what do we do? Well, first, idiotic Democratic politicians make statements about , speaking like they are Conservatives at a Dan Brown book burning. Like, seriously, can people be anymore stupid? Democrats should never be on the side of censorship, yet here they are, probably giving Coulter the exact response she was hoping for. It doesn’t seem like anyone has picked up this story yet, but I’m sure conservative bloggers will some time today, and they will use it to slam us like there is no tomorrow.

Secondly, we don’t call Conservatives out on this issue. I’m not saying to pull a Malkin and paint Coulter’s ideas as those of the entire Republican Party, but we could at least put pressure on Conservatives to either defend Coulter’s ideas, or to denounce them. Right now, the country is against Coulter, and putting pressure on Conservatives will force them to either agree with Coulter and piss off the country, or denounce Coulter, which will show her to be just some extreme, crazy bitch.

By all means, everyone should still write scathing articles about Coulter, because well, I need something to laugh at during the day. Everyone should remember, though, to put pressure on Conservatives and ask if Coulter does, in fact, speak for them. Hopefully the ball hasn’t been fully dropped… or something.


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