Wednesday, June 14, 2006
Gay Marriage Haters Hit A Pennsylvania Speed Bump

It seems Pennsylvania’s attempt to has hit a speed bump.

ANCASTER COUNTY, PA - An attempt to ban gay marriages and similar unions by amending the Pennsylvania constitution suffered a major setback on Tuesday — one that could stall the plan until 2009.

While a Senate panel agreed with defining marriage as being between one man and one woman, it stripped the House’s accompanying prohibition of civil unions and similar relationships.

The turn of events disappointed conservative activists and the bill’s author, Republican Rep. Scott Boyd, who say the Senate version weakens their effort.

The move also jeopardizes their goal of getting the ban on the November 2007 ballot.

“It’s a setback and may end up derailing the effort for this session,” Boyd, of West Lampeter Township, said today. “But we’re going to meet with leaders in both chambers and see what we may be able to do in terms of trying to go back to the original plan.”

I’m glad to see that Pennsylvania’s Senate is slightly less crazy than its House.

The attempt to outlaw civil unions throws the entire gay marriage debate into a different stratosphere. With this attempt, the House has shown that its motives have nothing to do with “defending the definition of marriage”, but are motivated by an all out hatred of gay - something that the Senate probably doesn’t even want to try and defend.

Hopefully no compromise will be reached, dooming this amendment to fail and equal rights to prevail.


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