Monday, June 19, 2006
Fuckwit of the Week (June 12th 2006)

I’ve decided to start a weekly poll called “Fuckwit of the Week”, where the readers of BTL will pick which newsmaker from the prior week is the biggest fuckwit. I think it should be fun and interesting.

Each Sunday night (Monday night this week, seeing as I didn’t decide to do this until five minutes ago) I will post the poll featuring the prior week’s newsmakers. Readers will have until Thursday to vote, and then I will announce the winner on Friday.

This week’s nominees are:
Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco - Her signing of an shows that nutty Christianist pandering is a disease that can inflict members of either party.

Jason Leopold - Hell, he just seems like an overall

Karl Rove - He loves his pot, and loves to give a to the American people anytime he can.

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