Tuesday, June 27, 2006
All This Spinning Makes Me Dizzy
, Richard Cohen gets it.

It is the sheerest luck, I know, that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales looks (to me) a bit like Jerry Mahoney, because he fulfills the same function for the Bush administration that the dummy did for the ventriloquist Paul Winchell. At risk to his reputation and the mocking he must get when he comes home at night, Gonzales will call virtually anyone an al-Qaeda-type terrorist. He did that last week in announcing the arrest of seven inferred (it's the strongest word I can use) terrorists. I thought I saw Dick Cheney moving his lips.

The seven were indicted on charges that they wanted to blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago and the FBI bureau in Miami. The arrests came in the nick of time, since all that prevented mass murder, mayhem and an incessant crawl at the bottom of our TV screens was the lack of explosives, weapons or vehicles. The alleged conspirators did have boots, which were supplied by an FBI informant. Maybe the devil does wear Prada.

Naturally, cable news was all over the story since it provided pictures . These included shots of the Sears Tower, the FBI bureau, the seven alleged terrorists and, of course, Gonzales dutifully playing his assigned role of the dummy. He noted that the suspects wanted to wage a "full ground war" against the United States and "kill all the devils" they could -- this despite a clear lack of materiel and sidewalk-level IQs. Still, as Gonzales pointed out, if "left unchecked, these homegrown terrorists may prove to be as dangerous as groups like al-Qaeda." A presidential medal for the man, please.

Before the Conservatives come here and troll it up, let me state that yes, the arrest of these people is a good thing. The problem is that Conservatives take some men in the hood who wish they could blow things up and turn them into the greatest terrorism victory of the year. The MSM naturally blows stories up - that’s their job, that’s how they get ratings, we should all be used to it. But when the actual administration adds to the hype, it’s really sad. Don’t try to blow things up to make yourselves look relevant now, because, well, you’re not. The country hates you, your war, and your leader. Try to change that by doing real things for the country and not through spin that puffs up your egos.


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