Sunday, May 14, 2006
When Fiction Becomes Reality (Unfortunately)
After reading in WaPo, I must admit that my faith in people is a little shaken.

In addition to being an evangelizing moment, this is a big-business moment. At least 45 books have come out to rebut points in Dan Brown's novel, as well as more than a dozen CDs and DVDs tied to the film's release that explore the book, church history and the New Testament.

(emphasis mine)

Without even getting into the fact that some churches feel the need to ban fiction --after all, it’s almost like their job is to ban things-- I must say that I can’t believe people view a novel as some sort of historical fact. I’ve read the book. It was okay, but I did not think for one minute that there was any reality to it. I mean, it is freakin’ fiction, after all. The fact that some people read Da Vinci Code and think that it is true really scares me.

But, in the end, I guess it’s okay, because some of these Christian groups will be right there to sweep these people into their folds. I mean, if a person is gullible enough to think that fiction is true, imagine what they’ll think about the Bible when told that it is the ultimate truth.

Yeah, so if anyone was wondering, no, this novel is not true, hence it being labeled as fiction.


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