Friday, May 19, 2006
A Torture-y Mornin'
• As if watching every wrinkly, old, drug beaten face that is the Bush administration wasn’t enough torture, it seems that their activities at Gitmo have . It’s sort of amazing that every person in the world thinks that the US is some sort of, like, uberdominatrix, except for the Republican Party, who may just be so corrupt that even UN concerns will not convince them that torture and indefinite holding of prisoners is immoral and wrong –but hey, at least they’re attempting to ban gay marriage-.

about the Federal Marriage Amendment and a call for Democrats to step up. There’s a lot shaping up with this whole issue, and I think that Reid gets it right on.

• Okay, so I know that the design of this blog makes kittens cry because of its ugliness. I’m HTML proficient, but this blogger template is a bitch to understand (apparently I’m not that HTML proficient). I’m trying to tweak the template that I have, in hopes that I can make it look somewhat decent, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to just do a whole design from scratch. I think… for right now, I like this… or maybe not. I can’t decide, but if you notice weird design changes, that is what’s going on.


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