Tuesday, May 16, 2006
Steve Carter, Anti-Family and Lovin' It
I spend a great chunk of my day reading news stories for this blog, and the one thing that I see on almost a daily basis is “pro-family groups”, often referring to Focus on the Family --which is ran by “Dr.” Dobson, some religious nut who wants to make sure, through legislation, that the entire country can only act, think, and speak in the manner that he deems appropriate. You know, a whack job-- or one of its creepy clones. Whenever I see “pro-family”, my thought is always, “well, who the hell is actually anti-family”?

And today, today I finally found someone who is .

INDIANAPOLIS — Attorney General Steve Carter will ask the Indiana Supreme Court to decide whether unmarried couples — including those who are gay or lesbian — can adopt a child through a joint petition that gives both people equal custody.

Carter's office planned to file the petition last night, challenging an Indiana Court of Appeals ruling that would allow a Morgan County lesbian couple to adopt a 20-month-old girl for whom they had been foster parents.

Kim Brennan, one of the women, said yesterday that she was disappointed in Carter's decision and that removing the child now "would be devastating."

"We're going to fight it to the end," Brennan said. "We feel it's in her best interest to be with us."

The Morgan County trial court judge had ruled that state law prohibited the adoption, saying it limits adoption to married couples and individuals. Indiana law prohibits same-sex marriage.

But the appeals court said last month that while state law requires married couples seeking adoption to do so jointly, it doesn't prohibit unmarried couples from doing so as well.

Steve Carter, in his attempts to make sure that Indiana is a glorious tower of bigotry, has shown that someone can be anti-family. He has no problem breaking up a family, removing a poor little girl from the only people that she has ever known, and dragging parents through an endless court battle so that he may force the population of his state to only live in the way that he sees fit.

Steve Carter is anti-family, and it is disgusting.


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