Wednesday, May 10, 2006
Republicans Without A Message
Conservatives have been accusing Democrats of not having any plan for the country and simply running on a campaign that highlights the horrible… well, everything… about the Republican Party. The truth of the matter is that Republicans were right, and anyone fighting on the side of the Democrats could see it. Now, , Republicans are changing their strategies.

As points out in his Op-Ed piece, Republicans are now changing their strategies and, taking a page from the early Democratic campaign, simply smearing the Democrats, without ever showing that they have policies of their own… policies that show that they will not be the same screwed up party.

The emerging Republican game plan for 2006 is, at bottom, a tautology: If the Democrats retake Congress it will mean, well, that the Democrats retake Congress. (Cue lightning bolt and ominous clap of thunder.) Karl Rove and his minions have plumb run out of issues to campaign on. They can't run on the war. They can't run on the economy, where the positive numbers on growth are offset by the largely stagnant numbers on median incomes and the public's growing dread of outsourcing. Immigration may play in various congressional districts, but it's too dicey an issue to nationalize. Even social conservatives may be growing weary of outlawing gay marriage every other November. Nobody's buying the ownership society. Competence? Ethics? You kidding?

This highlights the difference between Democrats and Republicans. Democratic policies have not been implemented in a long time, leaving them able to run on policies that the Republicans can’t challenge. Polls show the immense unhappiness that the American people feel for the leadership, the Republican leadership, of every aspect of the country. Now Republicans, who actually believe that their policies are correct in every aspect, cannot combat Democrat policies with anything but a promise of the same exact things that American citizens are no longer buying into.

So they spin… apparently pulling things directly from their asses, in an attempt to deceive America into thinking that Democrats will be the end of the world (think of Republican promises of impeachment if Democrats get elected). Yes, this is simply politics, but Republicans seem to be missing the most important part of the game: telling the country how we will get out of this mess that most think we are in. Once again, Republicans are putting their own interests before America.

Patriotism my ass.

Her critics on her left and right notwithstanding, Pelosi is one of the smartest pols on the political landscape -- as is attested by her ability to unify her fractious colleagues and designate John Murtha to attack the administration on the war. Now she's begun to outline the Democrats' own Contract With America. It ain't bad -- and for Republicans, that ain't good.

(Emphasis mine)

And that right there sums it all up perfectly.


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