Monday, May 22, 2006
Republicans Prepare For War - - RAWWWWW
I really hope that no one thought Republicans would be going down without a fight, because an article in tomorrow’s WaPo really shows that .

Bush has turned his attention to the campaign. Six months before the election, he has made 36 fundraising appearances, more than at this point in 2002. He spoke at a party gala last week that broke off-year records for hard-money fundraising and later attended events in Virginia and Kentucky. Vice President Cheney has been even more active, making 62 fundraising appearances, including one in Nashville on Saturday, and he plans three more in California in the next couple of days.

With Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove reassigned from day-to-day policy management to concentrate on the fall campaign, the White House has begun setting an agenda. Bush focused on stopping illegal immigration with his National Guard plan announced in an Oval Office address last week, followed a few days later by a visit to the border. In between, he signed legislation extending $70 billion in tax cuts that he has made a signature issue on the campaign trail.

To address conservatives, who have been key to his election victories but have grown disenchanted with the administration, Bush and Senate Republicans are reviving their fight with Democrats over judicial nominations, and senators last week voted out of committee a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage to set up a floor vote next month.

The White House also appears eager for a battle over the nomination of Air Force Gen. Michael V. Hayden as CIA director. With a committee vote expected this week and a floor vote by next week, the White House hopes voters will see the warrantless surveillance program Hayden started as head of the National Security Agency as tough on terrorism rather than a violation of civil liberties.

It’s really hard for me to get a read on things such as the Federal Marriage Amendment and other Conservative Whorings by Republicans. My feeling is that moderates are not going to fall for it and are going to be wondering why the GOP refuses to focus on things that really matter, but people are crazy little mammals.

One thing is for sure - Republicans are readying themselves for a fight, and Democrats really need to realize what’s ahead and prepare. Nothing’s going to be easy for the next few months.


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