Thursday, May 18, 2006
The Religious Right Has Great Writers
The only thing that the Religious Right has going for them is their awesome ability to label their stances with catchy, emotional names. There’s their “pro-life” stance --which is actually just anti-abortion, seeing as most of the Religious Rights loves Capital Punishment--, there’s their “pro-family” stance, and then there’s the “value voter” stance. None of these labels are actually true, yet the Religious Right parades them around with hopes that people are too ignorant to see the truth. And, unfortunately, some people are too ignorant. In , George Will tackles the “value voter” stance in a great op-ed piece.

An aggressively annoying new phrase in America's political lexicon is "values voters." It is used proudly by social conservatives, and carelessly by the media to denote such conservatives.

This phrase diminishes our understanding of politics. It also is arrogant on the part of social conservatives and insulting to everyone else because it implies that only social conservatives vote to advance their values and everyone else votes to . . . well, it is unclear what they supposedly think they are doing with their ballots.

I will admit that the Religious Right is great with rhetoric. I mean, who wants to be against life, family, or values? But, in the end, anyone who really follows politics knows that this is simply a game played by the Religious Right… a game played well, but a game nonetheless.


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