Friday, May 19, 2006
Mixed Nuts
Wow, this is hella-scary.

When IRD was formed in 1981, its attention was focused on the Cold War and opposition to the National Council of Church’s protests against U.S. policies in Central America.

Following the end of the Cold War in the mid 1990s, IRD’s literature switched its focus to the “culture wars” and the place of women in the church.

The IRD criticized a 1995 Platform for Action presentation at the World Conference on Women in China that demanded equality for women in political and economic life.

In a fundraising letter dated Oct. 7, 1996, IRD’s past president Diane Knippers wrote: “Some radical feminists are rejecting traditional Christianity for experimentation with forms of paganism. Lesbian advocacy. Witchcraft. Worship of earth goddesses.”

Is it really that difficult to see why Americans are becoming wary of the religious-right?


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