Thursday, May 18, 2006
Iraq- Marine Murder Ground?

A couple months ago, I covered a story about accusations that US Marines went on a killing rampage in Iraq, supposedly slaughtering many innocent citizens. I really didn’t want to believe the story -you know, because, well, American soldiers shouldn’t be heartless murderers-, but it seems that the story is picking up steam… and may be worse than originally reported.

From -

Military officials Thursday said a criminal investigation into a firefight in western Iraq that left at least 15 civilians dead is not complete, but they did not dispute a congressman's charges that the attack by Marines was far worse than originally reported.

Officials in the Pentagon and at U.S. Central Command declined to say whether Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., was correct in saying that Marines killed innocent women and children "in cold blood" during the attacks last November. Murtha said U.S. troops overreacted and that nearly twice as many people were killed than first reported.

Time magazine reported in March that an Iraqi civil rights group said Marines barged into houses near a bomb strike in Haditha, Iraq, throwing grenades and shooting civilians.

Murtha told reporters Wednesday, "It’s much worse than was reported in Time magazine," according to the Army Times newspaper.

"There was no firefight. There was no [bomb] that killed those innocent people," Murtha said in the Army Times report.

If Murtha is correct, then there is no way that this was simply a mistake, or some sort of collateral damage. I honestly feel that if these accusations are true, then the entire war in Iraq will change.


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