Sunday, May 21, 2006
Conservatives Feel Unloved
There is nothing more bitchy than a .

In today's Washington, where are the serious efforts by Republicans to protect unborn children from abortion? Where is the campaign for a constitutional amendment to prevent liberal judges from allowing same-sex marriage?

Instead of conservative action on social issues, the Republican-controlled House has approved more taxpayers' money for an embryo-killing type of stem cell research. And it passed a "hate crimes" measure that could lead to the classification as "hate" of criticism of homosexual activity. And in the Senate, Republicans have let key judicial nominees languish, even when Bush has nominated conservatives for lower courts. Would a strong Senate leader such as LBJ have let his party's nominees fail for lack of a floor vote?

Don’t get me wrong, this article is well written and really shows that the Conservative side of the Republican Party is pissed, but still, I think that the mindset of Conservatives is quite strange. Yes, you voted in people that you thought would turn the country into a Christian Utopia, yes you got lied to, yes you’re most likely going to stay home this November, but I really believe that your concept of reality is a bit skewed.

The Republican Party will never be the complete puppet of the Conservative movement. Conservatives are strange and really want some scary shit to be made into law. Republicans know that if they give in to these demands, they will lose the moderate vote, which will cost them elections. Face it, Conservatives; you are the creepy child kept in a locked pantry, out of sight. You are Harry Potter, just not as popular.


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