Sunday, April 30, 2006
Since When Does Family=Sex?
I have a personal theory that that Far-right cannot be trusted. I think they lie about issues, in order to rally unsuspecting Christians to their side. When random members of the Far-right speak, I always must make sure they are truthful.

This against Lexington, Massachusetts seems really odd to me.

Two couples are suing a Boston-area public school district, claiming it usurped their parental rights by exposing their sons -- in kindergarten and second grade -- to lessons that included homosexual romance without telling the parents.

The couples, who describe themselves as "devout Christians" in their federal lawsuit against Lexington, Mass., public schools, charged that the small school district violated state law and their civil rights when it taught their sons about a "lifestyle" the parents consider to be immoral and failed to let them know in advance.

"This isn't about gays. It's about human sexuality, broadly," Jeffrey Denner, the parents' attorney, said Friday. He said his clients would be equally disturbed if their young sons were learning about "heterosexual prostitution" in school.

"Age is very important," when deciding when a child should be taught about sexual issues, Mr. Denner said. "Parents should be making the determination" as to when their children should be introduced to such topics, because parents "have the right to make value-laden decisions" on behalf of their offspring.

In the lawsuit, the plaintiffs accuse Lexington Public Schools and the town of Lexington of breaking the commonwealth of Massachusetts' so-called "opt-out law." The statute requires public schools to notify parents when the instructional curriculum "primarily involves human sexual education or human sexual issues," so that concerned parents can remove their children from class.

Now, these people would have a legitimate complaint if the book had some sort of sexual aspect to it. I believe the people should most certainly be able to opt-out of any sexual teachings that they feel their children shouldn’t be a part of, and the law agrees.

I did a search for the . Nowhere, in any of the reviews, does it mention one thing about sex. It seems that this book is just a fairy tale with the two main characters being gay. To me, this puts the book in the same groups as any other fairy tale.

Perhaps I am way off base here, but any person that sees some sort of sexuality in a fairy tale may have a sexual addiction. I mean, I do not read Cinderella and think that there is this huge sexual component to it. Perhaps I am missing something?

Or maybe… maybe these parents are just lying through their teeth, in order to make the situation appear to be sexual in nature, when it is not. Schools teaching about homosexual sex, without an opt-out option, will surely rally the Christian base.

Perhaps I am just out of touch with reality. Maybe showing families and marriages really is sex. Maybe when my parents were getting married, they were really having sex on the floor of the church. Perhaps Focus on the Family should really be called Focus on the Sex, since family and marriage equals sex.


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