Sunday, April 09, 2006
Shiites Not Making Any Breakthroughs
During talks today, Iraqi Shiites once again about Prime Minister al-Jaafari.

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Shiite lawmakers met on Sunday, the third anniversary of the fall of Baghdad to U.S. forces, in the first formal step to break the deadlock over Sunni and Kurdish opposition to their choice for a prime minister to head the next government.

But the meeting, held at the insistence of the Shiites' top clerical leadership, failed to produce any breakthroughs, as Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari's key allies stuck by their support for him, according to Shiite officials.

I really don’t see any agreements being reached. It is the Shiites’ right to appoint a Prime Minister and I really think that the majority of them want al-Jaafari in the position, despite the wants of other groups.

It’s alright; we seem to be willing to throw our troops into Iraq for…eternity.


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