Tuesday, April 11, 2006
Satanist? You Don't Have Religious Rights
is reporting that Satanists are facing criminal charges for entering a Christian Church and causing a ruckus.

All were prayerfully making their way to the confessional when two teenagers dressed in black clothes with pentagrams and wearing jet black makeup stormed into the church, stood in the back and gave icy stares.

“I truly think they wanted confrontation,” Novak said.

Unfortunately for the satanic devotees, they picked the wrong two Boswell churches to disrupt Sunday.

An off-duty state trooper from the Somerset Turnpike barracks was at All Saint’s; another was attending St. Andrews Lutheran Church nearby, where the teens shocked parishioners minutes earlier.

In all, state police said three youths – ages 14, 16 and 17 from Stoystown, Acosta and Somerset – were cited for disrupting activities at the two churches. They were charged with harassment and stalking and disorderly conduct through the Somerset County Juvenile Probation department, state police Sgt. Anthony DeLuca said Tuesday.

I feel that these Satanists should have gone about this in a different way. There is nothing more annoying than a pushy religious person – -no matter what their religion is--, but I feel that it is totally wrong to bring charges against these people.

If these were Christians entering a Satatnic Church they would be praised, and if there were charges brought against them the entire religious world would be calling it persecution. No matter what your religion is, you have the right to speak about it. When Christian people stand on the side of the streets, screaming, “Repent,” or anything else, we do not see charges brought against them. This needs to be struck down in court swiftly. If one religious group is allowed to do these things, then all should be.


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