Wednesday, April 05, 2006
I Can't Believe I'm Defending These People, But....
Cherishing the rights that America provides us often includes fighting for the rights of people that you can’t stand. Westboro “Baptist Church” --you know, the people-- are one of these groups that I can’t stand, yet I will fight for their rights to say and do the incredibly ignorant things that they say and do. Rep. Michael Rogers’s by Westboro is obviously a bill that infringes on the rights of this group.

"You hear about these protesters, but when you actually see them and hear what they are doing, it is more than protesting," said Rep. Michael Rogers, R-Mich., who is sponsoring a bill in the House to restrict protests outside national cemeteries. "They are jeering and taunting and harassing these families and it is pretty vile. We have to do something to let these families grieve peaceably and give them dignity."

Most of the proposed laws, which already have been approved in half a dozen states, require picketers to keep back 300 or 500 feet from churches or funeral homes where services are being held, and they limit the protests to an hour before or after the service.

The laws appeal to popular outrage over the Westboro Baptist protests, and they are easy to endorse for politicians eager to show their support for U.S. soldiers fighting in Iraq. But constitutional experts warn that such protest restrictions appear overly broad and are likely to be overturned if challenged in court.

No matter how much you hate the message of Westboro, they still have a right to spread that message through demonstration. Another problem, which the article brings up, is the fact that Westboro will profit out of this. These laws will be found unconstitutional in court, which will provide Westboro with a lot of money through lawsuits.

The solution to Westboro is the same solution for all protests that you don’t agree with; go out and protest louder. Writing unconstitutional laws to control people that you don’t agree with is never a good idea.


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