Wednesday, March 15, 2006
Why Do Missouri Lawmakers Think So Lowly Of Christians?
Holy crap, Missouri lawmakers may be the .

From the article, there seems to be three separate bills here.

Last month, the Senate Education Committee heard a bill that would allow schools to teach the Bible for its historical or literary value.

Here, we have evidence A of Conservatives who think that the Christian public is too stupid to know what actually is going on. I would have no problem with this bill, seeing as I think that the bible should be allowed to be taught for historical and literary value, except for the fact that schools are already allowed to teach the bible in this manner. This is a simple ploy by Conservatives to once again try and con good Christians into thinking that they represent them. They are hoping that Christians are too stupid to realize that this is already legal, and that this legislation changes absolutely nothing.

It’s quite an interesting tactic, actually. Make it seem like the country is against Christians and that the Conservatives are here to free them. Sorry, we’re on to you.

A few weeks later, Rep. David Sater, R-Cassville, filed a resolution that champions prayer in public venues and recognizes a "Christian God."

I guess there are two issues here, but really I’m not quite sure what “a resolution that champions prayer” means, so I’ll not comment on that.

I do have a problem with the second part of the resolution. Recognizing a Christian God is not needed. It simply divides the state. I understand their reasoning for it, but it is wrong. So, there are a majority of Christians in the state. And? Why does the government need to recognize the belief of a majority of the population? What could this possibly do for the state? How can the state specifically recognize a certain group’s beliefs, but forget all the rest of the people? Obviously, this is perhaps one of the dumbest ideas ever, and will be shot down. This will not be going anywhere, and they know it. They are just trying to score religious points.

And on the agenda of lawmakers this week is a resolution affirming a student's right to voluntarily pray in school.

And here we have another example of Conservatives trying to manipulate Christians. Voluntary school prayer is already legal, and in fact, it would be unconstitutional to keep kids from voluntarily praying in school. Once again, we have Conservatives who think that Christians are too stupid to know that prayer is legal in school, and cannot be banned. They hope that this supposed stupidity will make Christians view them as some sort of Christian Avengers who are taking up the great fight for them. Ooops, sorry, their great fight is against a nonexistent enemy. Yeah, those are some great avengers.

I really hope that Christians in Missouri see through the Conservative games and vote them right out of the offices that they are not worthy of holding. A politician should never hold an office when they view people of a certain religion as stupid.

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