Tuesday, March 21, 2006
Why Conservative Pundits Have A Lot Of Questions To Answer
published an article yesterday covering the way Liberal (they seem to characterize anyone that didn’t agree with Bush as a Liberal) pundits are now calling out Conservative pundits on past accusations that they were anti-American for doubting the war.

I really think that these Conservative pundits need to answer some questions. In the past, anytime someone disagreed with the war, or Bush, they were called anti-American. Now that the rest of the country seems to realize that we were right and have begun saying the exact same thing, Conservative pundits are throwing themselves off the burning ship that is the current administration.

I know why Conservatives used to use these ad hom attacks. It was simply easier to paint anyone that disagreed with you as evil America haters than to address the real issues. Now these pundits need to explain why we were anti-Americans, yet they are “realists”.


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